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Michael Bloomberg’s next potential regulatory victim? Foam-based packaging, such as trays, cups and bowls. The Soup Nazi would not approve, though the environment might dig the NYC mayor’s move. (photo by Philip Scott Andrews/The New York Times)

Already done in one of the towns here in MA. Should be done everywhere. If you can’t use it twice, it should be illegal.

Except for condoms.
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    woop woop!
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    They tend to break too easily for me, so I’d be happy to see them go. Agree that they do feel strange too, parislemon:
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    Kind of strange to realize that I am not the only person who hates the ‘feel’ of styrofoam, or whatever that stuff is. I...
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    I want this to happen. I wonder if I could ever talk someone at work into supplying the break room with plant startch...
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    fuck yeah, those things are awful for...environment. also, for being a republican (right?)...
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    Point 1: What we know as “Styrofoam” is usually not actually Styrofoam, but rather polystyrene foam — which is what...